These Octopus dungarees were created for a customer who wanted to incorporate many symbols that were important to her including the Octopus, beatles, insects and a dragonfly earring and hinted at LGBT with the rainbow. So I came up with this design which includes all the above and has bugs crawling up both legs and around the Octopus head. Created using fabric paints and posca pens then heatpressed.
These snake jeans were created for a clients daughter who wanted something colourful and unique to reflect her alternative style. I made it so the snake design wraps around the jeans and is surrounded by flowers and dots with the colours being bright and youthful. 
This hand painted denim jacket was created for a long term client of mine who wanted me to create a unique design inspired by the Queen of Wands and also referencing her own heritage in the lady. 
The above pieces where created for my own brand Inner Wild Fire to be sold in a collection using thrifted or charity shop clothing to create new, interesting designs.
Aztec pattern design denim jacket created using Arteza Fabric paints and paint pens
Unleash Your Magic inspired by the power of the snake symbol using fabric paints and paint pens.
Aztec jeans using quite playful quirky patterns created using Arteza fabric paints and Posca pens.
Trust Your Intuition t-shirt created using Posca pens and fabric paint
Funky patterns on denim jeans using fabric pens and fabric paints
Manifest It Baby hand painted design on canvas material using fabric paint
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