Inspiration of Gemini:
Pair of twins, Air Sign, Playful and independently curious, Juggling a variety of passions, Social butterfly.

Inspiration of Aries:
Symbolised by the Ram, Passionate, motivated and confident leader, Builds community with there cheerful disposition and relentless determination, leads with blind optimism, playful creatures, enjoying life to the full.
Inspiration of Cancer:
Symbolised by the crab, Deeply emotional and sensitive, Care deeply about matters of the family and there home, Guided by emotion and their heart, Ruled by the moon, Weaves between sea and the shore 
Inspiration of Aquarius:
Symbol of the gods bringing essential nutrients in the earth, Embraces creativity and individuality, Symbolised by the water bearer, Free spirited and eccentric, Mystical healer, Humanitarian 

Inspiration of Capricorn:
Represented by the sea goat, Mystical creature with the body of a goat and tail of a fish, Ruled by Saturn, Tap into the inner fortitude to create whatever stands between and there long term goals, Youthful and playful
Inspiration of Leo:
Latin for Lion, Fire Sign, Vivacious, theatrical and passionate, Love to bask in the spotlight and celebrate themselves, Natural leaders, Ruled by the sun. 
Inspiration of Libra:
Air Sign, Represented by the scales, Balance & harmony, Obsessed with symmetry, Ruled by Venus
Love exquisite and stunning objects, Peaceful by nature
Inspiration of Pisces:
Symbolised by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Constant division between fantasy and reality, The most psychic, empathetic and compassionate creative of all the signs , Clairvoyance
Inspiration of Sagittarius:
Symbol = Archer, Fire Sign, Fuelled by wanderlust, Jupiter governed planet, Abundance, spirituality and growth, Born to explore, Desire for change
Inspiration of Taurus:
Happiest when surrounded by love and beauty, Earth sign, Bull Symbol, Enjoy relaxing in serene environments surrounded by succulent flowers, Stubborn and committed
Inspiration of Scorpio:
Symbolised by the Scorpion, Passion & power , Gets strength from the psychic. emotional realm, Clairvoyant & intuitive, Know what they want, Seductive & Beguiling
Inspiration of Virgo:
Earth Sign, Represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture, Logical, practical and systematic in there approach to life, Goddess energy, Mercury = ruling planet, Imaginations always flowing.
All of the Star Sign Jackets together
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