The logo was inspired by the felt work creations Claire and Clodagh make, I wanted it to show the same movement and colours to reflect the brightness of felt work. They wanted a modern logo, that was simple and also hinted at the wide array of work they do so they can expand to more and more products over time. ​​​​​​​
The website was created in Wordpress using Elementor Pro. They wanted the website design to be modern with a hint of playfulness and to contain all of their products including seasonal, home decor, bunting, wedding, flowers and party. The final design is fun, playful, easy to understand and navigate and includes the ability to buy products and view galleries of each of the items they make. 
I also photographed a number of images of both the shop items and both ladies so they had fresh imagery to show potential customers who were interested in buying or learning more about the sister duo. 
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